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Tracy S. Hall

President & CEO

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Hometown: Rumford RI is where I was born and raised; I moved to Nashua in February 1988 and have called it my hometown ever since.

Favorite book/movie/color/band/fun fact:

It’s impossible for me to pick a single favorite book, as I am a book fanatic and have 3,000+ books in my house (if I could, I’d live in a library or in Barnes & Noble!). My favorite color is emerald green, I love country music and classic rock, my favorite movies are Singing in the Rain and Roman Holiday, and a fun fact is that I lived in Italy for a few years after graduating from college and learned to ski, speak Italian (a skill I’ve now unfortunately mostly lost) and cook great pasta!

What was your first big success?:

My first big success was being recognized as one of 20 Professional Women of the Year by the RI Business and Professional Women’s Association after a year of so in my career in the Office of the Governor in Rhode Island.

What you love about Nashua?:

Everything! I love our beautiful old homes, our parks and the river, the great restaurants and shops, and the energy and vitality of our people. I love walking downtown and running into old and new friends. I love the interconnectedness of Nashua – a small town feel in a big city.

What does success mean to you?:

Seeing an opportunity – personal, professional, or community – and then setting a goal and creating a plan to turn that opportunity into reality, then traveling the path until reality is realized.

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Sam Cassista

Director of Program and Events

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Suzanne Delaney

iUGO/Young Professional Coordinator

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Laurey Isanski

Office Manager

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Hometown:  Willow Grove PA; I have lived in Hudson NH for 12 years

Favorite Movie: Anything Sci-Fi with lots of special effects

Favorite Band: Rod Stewart

What was your first big success? Getting promoted to a director position that spurred to my relocation to New Hampshire. I love it here!

What do you love about Nashua?  It feels like a small town with city amenities!

What does success mean to you?  Achieving my goals and helping others to achieve theirs.

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