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Get to know the people working on your behalf to benefit the Greater Nashua businesses and community at large!

Kate Luczko

President & CEO

Kate Luczko is the President and CEO of the Greater Nashua Chamber of Commerce. She’s responsible for advancing the mission and growing the membership of the Chamber through economic development, public policy advocacy, program development, and strategic planning. Kate empowers the Chamber team to work effectively towards goals of growth and improvement and is the primary liaison to the Board of Directors and advisory committees.

Celebrating and singing the praises of New Hampshire while creating value around a mission are common themes in Kate’s professional experience. As the founding President and CEO of Stay Work Play NH, Kate worked to bring people together in creative, fun, and meaningful ways. Her passion for community building paired with the pragmatism of an MBA graduate and an adventurous spirit bring progressive momentum and tactical execution to the Chamber’s goals.

Kate has found energy and inspiration from the people she has met through her role at the Chamber. “In a short time, I have already met such amazing, passionate people who care deeply about the area and each other,” she said. Getting to know the eleven communities the Chamber serves has been a pleasure for Kate and seeing the solid sense of community evident in Greater Nashua has been impressive. The culture of working together, listening, inclusion, and trying to make things better is one that the Chamber is proud to participate in.

Outside of work, Kate likes to kayak, read, work in the garden (both perennials and vegetables!), watch movies, listen to music, attend events (especially those centered around food, local artisans, plants, or flowers), take road trips, cook and bake, travel, spend time with friends and family, tackle house projects, organize puppy play dates, practice and teach yoga, work out, and try new foods. (You may find that enjoying food is a shared passion for Chamber employees!)

Do you have any pets?

Timber, a black lab. His favorite activity is probably sleeping, but followed closely by playing fetch (indoors or out), water (whether his “puppy pool” in the backyard or a big lake), meeting new people, playing with other dogs, new toys, carrots, and (like me) definitely eating.

What does your ideal meal include?

I love food so much it’s hard to choose. Mashed potatoes are definitely top of the list. I love seafood too, especially lobster, scallops, and salmon. I’m also a big fan of a good kale salad, asparagus. Cheese. This is making me hungry… Dark chocolate is high up there too, in any form, as long as it doesn’t have nuts.

Do you have any skills or talents most people don’t know about?

I used to be really big into playing music, and while I haven’t played much of anything in years, I do hope to get back to it someday. I started with piano lessons, then picked up trumpet in 5th grade, though quickly switched to trombone, which I played through high school (even as “first chair” for a while). I learned alto saxophone in high school. Later on, I picked up the fiddle (aka the violin, but different music), played a variety of whistles, and even have Uilleann (Irish) bagpipes that I had custom-made in Ireland in the late 1990s.

What’s the next destination on your bucket list?

Anywhere and everywhere! I have a goal to get to all 50 states by the time I’m 50 and I have 17 to go. I also want to visit every continent, and I’m working my way through tropical islands. I love travel, not only for the rejuvenation benefits it provides, but for the exploration opportunity and the expanded perspective that  learning about new places brings. It’s one of my all-time favorite activities.

Rebecca Fredrickson

Director of Marketing & Communications

Rebecca Fredrickson has always had a special talent for effective communication, creative marketing ideas, and strategic planning. She enjoys working with members to create effective marketing and building new Chamber connections in the community. After achieving her undergraduate degree in Art Education, Rebecca has earned leadership roles at nonprofit, cultural, and educational settings. In these positions, Rebecca has enjoyed growing and improving programs through developing solid marketing plans, connecting with community organizations, and collaborating with other professionals. Her work in non-profits has given her an in-depth understanding of event planning, fundraising, and communications. An active community member, Rebecca volunteers regularly with local hunger prevention and arts organizations. Rebecca is thrilled to work with the Greater Nashua Chamber of a Commerce and is excited to have the opportunity to support a thriving business community in the Greater Nashua area.

What is your favorite season?

Fall is amazing! I often take walks in the fall to enjoy the foliage and the crisp air. I love it so much that I got married outdoors in the fall in the Lakes region!

Outside of work…

Outside of work you will have to know where to find me! I tend to be happiest when I am busy! I enjoy spending time with my friends and family, making art, taking photos, gardening, volunteering, and exercising!

What do you love about Greater Nashua? 

Originally from Massachusetts, I moved to Nashua in 2002. Very quickly, I realized what a wonderful area Greater Nashua is! Being an artist and photographer, I was able to find lots of inspiration in the natural beauty of the area. Some of my favorite spots for photography are downtown Nashua, Ponemah Bog in Amherst, and Beaver Brook in Hollis. I also love that living here, I always have options for shopping, dining, and things to do. Of course, my favorite thing about living in Greater Nashua is the connections I have made in the community. It is the people who make it feel like home. 

What is are some personal goals you have? 

I have lots of creative ideas and, at times, I could use a bit more expertise in order to bring them to fruition. A goal of mine would be to be more able to create and construct things using tools. I hope to take class on using power tools and basic equipment soon.   

What is something people might not know about you? 

I am a huge proponent of thrifting and upcycling things! I love shopping at vintage stores and belong to several “Free-Cycle” and swap groups. On the weekends, you will often find me at yard sales and flea markets. 

Laurey Isanski

Office Manager

Laurey Isanski is the Office Manager at the Greater Nashua Chamber of Commerce, but describes her role to include “Office Mom” and “Chief Fort-Holder-Downer.” Day-to-day, she ensures that the office runs smoothly, manages accounts receivable, and is well-known for her extraordinary customer service.

Laurey came to the Chamber after a long career (35 years) in contract food service management. As a Director, she managed to keep owners, clients, customers, and staff working together and happy. It was in this role that Laurey learned how to provide the best customer service experience, and she enjoys bringing that level of quality and expertise to her work with Chamber members. She’s also very funny, and most people like that, which she says helps as well.

The small town feel of the Greater Nashua region paired with the diversity in the region is one of Laurey’s favorite things about living and working here. She’s met some exceptional people and looks forward to meeting even more!

Outside of work, Laurey can be found cooking, reading, or relaxing on her deck with a beverage.

Do you have any pets?

I have a yorkie named Bruschi, and he loves to play relay. We throw a bunch of toys and he brings them all back and stacks them into a pile, then he lays on top of it to protect his treasures.

What does your ideal meal include?

A medium rare cheeseburger with bacon, aged cheddar, and a smoky BBQ sauce.

Do you have a favorite sports team?

The Patriots. I named my dog Bruschi!

What is your favorite season?

Autumn. I love the cooler temps and brilliant foliage. My birthday and my wedding anniversary (2020 will be 29 years) are both in the autumn as well.

What’s the next destination on your bucket list?

If I could visit anyplace I would love to experience Alaska.


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