Board of Directors

Immediate Past Chair of the Board of Directors

Amir Toosi, D.B.A.

Dean, Division of Business

Rivier University

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Hometown: Born in Tehran, raised in the Midwest, & live in Nashua

Favorite Band: Linkin Park and Coldplay

What was your first big success?: Serving on the Dean’s Advisory Council during my undergraduate studies

What you love about Nashua?: Having the access to do many different things outdoors and indoors with my family, colleagues, and friends throughout the year.

What does success mean to you?: Waking up every morning and knowing that you are looking forward to a great day with your family, the community, and your workplace.


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Fouad (Fou) Mahfuz

Vice President

Persian Rug Galleries

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Hometown: Nashua, NH

Favorite book: Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas by Hunter S. Thompson

Favorite movie: The Big Lebowski/red/The Clash (I studied film production in college and am a avid movie buff)

What was your first big success? I won a leadership/citizenship award in 9th grade which was the most prestigious, non academic related honor at the school.

What you love about Nashua? I love working in a small downtown full of passionate and motivated business people and citizens.

What does success mean to you? Success means being content and happy everyday.


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Chair of the Board of Directors

Betsy Levesque

Berkshire Hathaway Verani Realty

iUGO Steering Committee Chair

Brian Duncan

Financial Advisor Assistant Vice President

Citizens Securities, Inc.

Membership Committee Co-Chair

Kim Reagan

Director of Leasing and Marketing

R.J. Finlay & Co.

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Hometown:  Hooksett, New Hampshire for the last 24 years, but I grew up in Alabama

Favorite Movie: The Breakfast Club

Fun fact: I was born in Spain

What was your first big success? Being elected President of my sophomore class in high school.

What you love about Nashua?    The close knit feeling of the business community and how the business community is not just about business, but also personal relationships and bonds that are formed and last for years to come.

What does success mean to you? Being happy with who you are both personally and professionally.


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Member Committee Chair

Doreen Manetta

Regional Manager, SVP

Enterprise Bank

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Hometown: Grew up in Somerville, MA and moved to Nashua, NH in 1985 where I now call home.

Favorite band: I enjoy all types of music from Country, Blues, Jazz to Rock and Roll.

What was your first big success? My two daughters, Lauren and Heather.

What you love about Nashua? Nashua has all that you could ask for; great restaurants, art and bike trails.

What does success mean to you? Success is being happy with what you have.  By this I mean having my family, loving my job, helping others in the community and being able to give back to others.

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Community Outreach Committee Chair

Sue Beaubien

Vice President of Retail Services

Bellwether Community Credit Union

Steve Saxe

Director of Business Development


Mike Aquino

Financial Advisor & Independent Insurance Broker

Weisman, Tessier, Lambert & Halloran

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Hometown: Born at Fort Knox, KY, Military Brat, landed in Nashua at age 9

Favorite color: Blue

What was your first big success? Receiving the Volunteer of the Year Eminence Award

What you love about Nashua? The leaders who value the city and work hard to improve it on a daily basis

What does success mean to you? Happiness

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Elizabeth LaRocca

Community Relations Specialist

Eversource Energy

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Hometown: Newmarket, NH

Favorite book/movie/color/band/fun fact: Killer Angels/Pride & Prejudice/green/Beatles/love Art Deco architecture, jewelry, etc.

What was your first big success? Landing my first job as a UNH Senior with PSNH

What you love about Nashua? The City’s downtown, millyard and history as an early US industrial city

What does success mean to you? Happiness, fulfillment and service to others.

Krishna Mangipudi

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Hometown: Nashua, NH

Favorite book/movie/color/band/fun fact:  Catch-22 / A Few Good Men / Blue / The Who (Most Classic Rock bands) / Sang “Born To Be Wild” on stage J

What was your first big success?:
Business wise:  WebManage Technologies. Involved from early inception to a successful acquisition.

What you love about Nashua?:
Small town feeling, with great access to big metro to South (Boston), Beach to the East (Hampton / Rye), Mountains to the North, Eclectic Art communities to the West (Wilton and Keene)

What does success mean to you?:
The exhilaration that comes from setting stretch goals and attaining them!

Brian Law

Vice President

Law Warehouses

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– Participant in the Inaugural Class of Leadership Greater Nashua

– President of the Nashua Rotary in 2000

– Served on Governor Craig Benson’s Efficiency Committee 2003

– Served on Charitable Boards – currently – Board of Trustees of Edgewood Cemetery and on the Board at Nashua Country Club.

– Formed the Law Companies Community Service Fund, in which the company matches employee donations $1 for $1.

  • The proceeds of the fund are distributed to local charities and individuals in need by a committee of employees; this fund distributes several thousand dollars a year into the Nashua community

Linda LaFleur


Grant Morris

New Sky Production

Michael Reinke

Nashua Soup Kitchen and Shelter

Sarah Marchant

Community Development Division Director,

City of Nashua

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Hometown: Brookline, NH

Favorite Book: The Tea Rose, Jennifer Donnelly and Pillars of Earth by Ken Follette

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Jeff Reilly

Branch Service Manager

Fidelity Investments –Nashua Investor Center

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Hometown:  Lived in Nashua as a kid and again as an adult- now I live in Meredith NH

Favorite book/band/fun fact: Truman by David McCullough/Band- All music-music of my parent’s generation, my generation and yes- I listen and enjoy the music that my 2 college-aged daughters introduce me to.

What was your first big success?: Working full-time through college and then moving into my first job out of school  with Marriott Hotels.

What you love about Nashua?:  It is a medium-sized City that still has a “small town feel”, convenient to both the coast and the mountains, and it has a diverse community of people that take pride in their surroundings.

What does success mean to you?:  Engaged in great and fun things with family and friends.  Keeping momentum in a forward direction both personally and professionally.


Mark Rubinstein


Granite State College