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By Brendan P. Keegan ◆ CEO at Velocity Performance ◆

There Has Not Been Enough Affordable

Professional & Sales Training Available in New Hampshire…

Until NOW

…And It’s Only $83 a Month


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Luke has been running his small business for the last ten years. He started as a financial planner at a small firm and once he had a solid base of clients, he moved on to work for himself.

Since that time, Luke has grown the business to now have 10 full-time employees and that is targeting large corporate clients offering benefits, employee protection and retention.

Luke has always been a planner. He sits back from time to time at home and is very satisfied with where he has gotten to; however, he is starting to feel a little restless and in his own words “stale.”

While he has been training & coaching employees for years to become better professionals, it suddenly dawned on him that he has never really had any professional training himself. Nor had his employees, apart from the guidance he had given them.

He certainly learned from strong leaders in the past, but it has been 10 years.

Luke started looking for opportunities to grow and develop professionally and as a business owner. He wanted a place to:

  • GROW His Business, Client Base & REVENUE
  • Learn PUBLIC & PERSUASIVE Speaking Skills
  • Manage & HIRE EMPLOYEES More Effectively
  • Be Able to PERSUADE & INFLUENCE Others
  • Work Collaboratively with Other BUSINESS OWNERS
  • Receive LOCAL & AFFORDABLE Training
  • Get SALES TRAINING for His Sales Team
  • Become a Better LEADER

Luke just signed up for the Velocity Leadership Academy to work with other business owners, professionals and area leaders. In this academy, he will receive all the training he desires, and more, as he saw on the academy flyer.

Other Southern New Hampshire business owners, professionals and sales executives have expressed similar qualms.

How do we grow professionally in the Nashua area? How do they build their businesses and careers? Who do we learn & receive mentorship from?

Luke saw an ad that looked something like this:

The Velocity Performance team led by Managing Partner Brendan P. Keegan recently launched this Velocity Leadership Academy, as an open enrollment professional training program focused on professional development and sales training.

FURTHER YOUR OWN CAREER & PROFESSIONAL EDUCATION and receive LOCAL PROFESSIONAL TRAINING for your TEAM at an affordable rate. The academy will be held in downtown Nashua, NH focused on local professionals, entrepreneurs, emerging leaders, sales professionals and executives.

The Velocity Performance Leadership Academy is made up of 2 separate academies – Leader Academy and Sales Academy. Over the course of the academy, participants will receive:

  • 12 Months of Professional Development
  • 18 Hours of Fortune 100 Executive-Level Training
  • 70% Discount on Monthly or One-Time Fee
  • $83 a Month When Paid Up Front
  • 6 to 12 Coaching Sessions with a 4-Time President & CEO
  • 10+ Tangible Program Plans, Materials & Templates
  • 2 Opportunities for Professional Leadership and/or Sales Certification
  • Up to 16 Like-Minded Professional Colleagues

The Chamber is EXCITED to support you as you become a better leader, drive more business and provide a special opportunity for your team.

Join Luke and learn more here: Velocity Performance will host its first academies on Tuesday, October 20th, 2015.


CONTACT: Brendan P. Keegan ◆ 603-402-1701 ◆

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