The Leadership Greater Nashua program consists of a series of classes that give a first-hand look into Nashua’s infrastructure and community. These monthly, day-long classes are all mandatory and are guided by a series of themes classifying the different sectors that make up Nashua. They are lead by Chamber staff as well as area experts.  The information and connections forged will contribute to the class’s final project—a unique, valuable contribution to the community that draws upon the resources discovered throughout the year.

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Kick-Off Retreat
This day-long session focuses on getting you acquainted with your classmates, what to expect from the program, and how to get the most out of it.

Social Services 
Learn more about the non-profit organizations in our community and the people behind them, and explore the relationship between the business community and the non-profit sector.

Law Enforcement
Gain a better understanding of the issues faced by our state’s court systems, and experience firsthand the day to day happenings at our local Police and Fire Departments

Learn about the health issues facing Nashua residents, the number of different services available within the city, and explore the growing industry of preventative medicine.

Get acquainted with the different types of business across the city, from family-owned to corporate, and learn their effects on our local economy. Attend the Chamber’s Annual Outlook Luncheon for an economic forecast of the upcoming year.

Government & Politics
Begin the day at the Chamber’s Annual State of the City Address and listen to Nashua’s newly elected Mayor discuss his/her initiatives and goals for the upcoming year. Learn firsthand the differences between town and city government as we travel between Merrimack and Nashua, and enjoy a candid discussion with our local State Senators.

Explore the many different schools in our area, and sit down for a panel discussion on the differences between our public, private, and charter institutions. Become familiar with the challenges faced by today’s educators and students.

Arts & Culture
Travel across Nashua to explore the role of our art community within the city. Through panel discussions and short performances, you will experience all that the Nashua Arts has to offer.