Past LGN Projects

Class of 2011
The Keefe Auditorium

The Class of 2011 recognized a need in our local arts community related to acoustical and A/V upgrades for The Keefe Auditorium located at the Elm Street Middle School, which is where Symphony-NH holds all of its performances.  This auditorium is the largest performing hall in New Hampshire, but had fallen into disrepair through the years.

Seeing this, and wishing to support Nashua’s arts community, the Class of 2011 created and produced a large concert in the fall of that year, headlined by The Indigo Girls.  Through ticket sales and sponsorships, and hundreds of manpower/volunteer hours, this class netted over $60,000 that they then donated to the City for upgrades to the auditorium.  Through their efforts, patrons of Symphony-NH and members of our arts community can enjoy symphonic and other performances in a much better-looking and better-sounding auditorium.