Live Free and Fly with Manchester- Boston Regional Airport

Pliny the Elder is often quoted as saying that in wine there is truth. Research also tells us that fourteen out of ten people love chocolate! Combine those two statements and what better way to get to the truth than through wine and chocolate! And the truth is that the employees at the Manchester-Boston Regional Airport are honored to partner with the Greater Nashua Chamber of Commerce and are pleased to sponsor the candy bar at the upcoming Annual Gala!

That same enthusiasm is what makes Manchester-Boston Regional Airport an amazing airport and recently named as one of the Top 10 Domestic Airports by the readers of Travel+Leisure Magazine. What makes MHT one of the best domestic airports in the United States is not the number of flights or the size of the aircraft; it is our guests and the amazing team of employees working at the airport. Our mission is simple: we exist to connect people with friends, family, and to new opportunities and adventures. But we do more than that. We also welcome people from all over the globe to all that New Hampshire has to offer – whether it is food, crafts, or all the natural beauty we are blessed with. But one thing is for sure: our team will make your time in the airport the best guest experience possible, and if we fall short, then we want to know! To us, there is no greater feeling than watching the excitement of people connecting in the terminal. Be they families and friends reuniting for the holidays, or the airport being a participant in a husband wearing a bunny suit (the theme continues) to surprise his wife by renewing his proposal.

So, the next time you are traveling come a little early and hang out with us and your neighbors by visiting our restaurants and shops. Experience their innovative dishes using locally sourced ingredients and make sure to save room for their amazing desserts. And, if you are planning to head out of town for the holidays – stop and take your picture with the Moose and then visit the New Hampshire Liquor store by Gate 8 and check out their great selections of medium, rich or light-bodied wines made right here in New Hampshire which – of course – will pair nicely with your favorite chocolate!
The region is fortunate to have the best airport in New England right here in New Hampshire, and we are blessed to have the best guests in all of the United States. So Live Free and Fly! Fly Manchester-Boston Regional Airport!