Class of 2019 Leadership Greater Nashua Retreat

On September 6, 2018, at the Barbara C. Harris Camp in Greenfield, NH, leaders from the greater Nashua area came together for the Class of 2019 Leadership Greater Nashua Retreat. Greater Nashua Chamber of Commerce CEO, Tracy Hall, opened the two-day event, with welcoming remarks and expectations for the group. Tracy immersed the group in activities as she facilitated team building exercise. Most groups count themselves as unique, but our group of budding leaders bonded quicker than normal and a positive atmosphere was felt throughout the retreat.

With introductions and salutations behind us, Rod Conard, our trusty sage, introduced us to the world of leadership theory. Rod assured us that he would be guiding us through our year of exploration and his leadership series would buttress our positions within the community.

After a hearty lunch and quick check of the foretasted rain, camp staff lead the group in team building exercises in the gym. Participants laughed, cried, and rejoiced as Doug and Alegra helped bring LGN Class of 2019 closer, through team building challenges. Though it seemed like middle school gym class, as we wiped the sweat from our brows, the interaction with our new friends was truly enjoyable and lasting relationships were being made by the minute. Due to the weather, we were unable to have a fire, but we did all gather in the community area and continue the fun with some card games, conversation and a very competitive game of “Celebrities”!

Day two opened with a visit from LGN Alumni: Eric Brand from P&L Landscaping, Christa Tsechrintzas from Marguerite’s Place and Mary Murphy from Charles Schwab, that motivated our group about the program before us. Specifically, they encouraged us about the class project that all LGN classes complete. Their passion and guidance were palpable as they related their LGN experiences.


Late morning on day two, Paul Hebert welcomed the class to LGN and related his experiences as LGN mentor, alumni, and Nashua native. Paul shared his experiences as a lifetime Nashua and what Nashua means to him. His passion for the program and service to the Nashua community was clear and admirable.

The afternoon of day two brought a gripping account of Nashua history from Ed Lecius. Mr. Lecius retold the history of Nashua from the Crown Hill Fire of 1930 until present day. As Ed tried to exit, after a gripping presentation, the class swarmed him with questions and accolades.

Liz Fitzgerald from One Greater Nashua and Jen McCormack from the Nashua Public Library capped off day two with a presentation on the work being done by that group. As their remarks closed, it was clear that our group had bonded over the previous two days and there was much work to be done. The LGN Class of 2019 Retreat had come to an end but the motivation and excitement was just beginning.

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