The LGN Class of 2018 Kicks Off

Leadership Greater Nashua is our unique development program that takes Nashua’s emerging leaders and guides them through a nine-part class series that exposes participants to key sectors and industries within the community while also developing professional skills.

Learn more about the program through the eyes of LGN participants. Here is Giselle Rodriguez’s take on her experience so far with the class of 2018:

I am excited to be part of the 2018 Leadership Greater Nashua (LGN) class. I have been a Nashua resident for the past eighteen years and have seen it evolve over the years in many different aspects. The community is growing with new infrastructures, more diverse cultures, and new businesses. I feel strongly that I have a responsibility to my community to make sure it continues to grow in a positive way.

I had researched the LGN program three years ago. Since then, I have met leaders in my community who have completed the program. They speak very highly of it, but I never inquired about the curriculum. After applying and receiving the letter of acceptance, I was informed that there was a two day “Kick off Retreat.”

The retreat was scheduled for September 7th and 8th. The class consists of nineteen members. Tracy Hatch, President and CEO, presented the first team building challenge to the class during the first hour we arrived. We were challenged to memorize all of our names by stating our own names and a word that would best described our passion. Each one of us took our turn and then we had to repeat the names of those whose turn was before us. When it was my turn, I stated my name and I chose the word “beach” to best describe me, and proceeded by repeating the names and passions of the other six members that went before me. We repeated the challenge during different parts of the day. At the end of the day, we all knew each others’ names and passions. I am happy to introduce the members of the 2018 LGN class and they are: Beach, Runner, Arts, Dance, Fire, Food, Family, Money, Reader, Serving, Speaker, Baby, Coach, Clarinet, Owl, Disney, Wine, and Books. These are passions that inspire our members to become exceptional leaders for a greater Nashua, and overall, a greater New Hampshire.

I felt honored meeting each one of the Class of 2018 LGN members. We experienced other valuable team building activities during those two days. What I learned during that time was that although we are all different in our unique ways, we all have a common passion, which is to be outstanding leaders in our community.

I am looking forward to my next class schedule in October 12th.

Thank you to our LGN contributors


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