Amherst Jr. Women’s Club Donation Means Kids Ready for Back-to-School






Amherst Jr. Women’s Club Donation Means Kids Ready for Back-to-School

Nashua, NH (September 4, 2018)—Children in the Front Door Agency’s Transformational Housing Program are starting off the school year with brand new, well-fitting shoes – thanks to a recent $500 grant from the Amherst Junior Women’s Club.

Each child received a professional shoe fitting and made their choices from the selection at Alec’s Shoe Store in Nashua. “It sounds like a little thing, but having new shoes helps them to fit in with their peers and of course, properly fitted footwear is important while they’re growing,” notes Rebecca Gagne, Director of Transformational Housing.

The Program serves approximately 60 mothers and children annually, assisting homeless and disadvantaged families through a three-phase residential program. A strong emphasis is placed on continued education for single mothers as they work towards stabilization and financial security.

Some of the women are victims of domestic violence, while others have had past drug addiction or other serious challenges. CEO Maryse Wirbal says, “Many of the women make remarkable progress when they are given the tools and case management support to make positive changes in their lives. The end result is when the moms flourish, their children thrive as well.”

Members of The Amherst Junior Women’s Club, founded in 1965, volunteer their time, energy and talent to give back to the community. This is the second consecutive year the Club has provided new shoes for children at the Front Door Agency. Learn more at
Last year, the Front Door Agency assisted more than 2,500 people in Greater Nashua through its core programs, which in addition to Transformational Housing includes Financial Literacy; a Housing Stability Program; and a Holiday Santa Program. To learn more, visit



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