Why Your Business Needs A Face

I’m going to get right to the point here: Your business needs a face, and it needs one now. Scratch that – It needs one yesterday. Why? Because people like doing business with people, regardless of what they are buying. The face of your business can be yours, as the owner, or it could be the collective face of the team that you work with and that your customers see.

At this point, we’ve all seen enough stock images to recognize a model face on a business flyer when we see one. I get it, it’s a great looking middle-aged man (or whatever you’re choosing to use), and you think clients will relate to that.
But people do business with people they know and trust. And while gray-haired distinguished-man-in-suit may look nice, he isn’t a face your clients see around town, and he isn’t the face they see when they walk into your business. They don’t know him, and thus they can’t truly trust him. Unless you’re able to hire pro athletes and celebrities to endorse your business, putting your staff’s face on it is the next best thing to create trust with customers.

People do business with people they like. All sales transactions happen between two human beings, and the quickest way to make a connection with another human being is to be one. Seriously, it’s that simple.  Your unique personality is an asset in attracting clients that will connect and like you. Being deliberate about the image you’re crafting with the face of the business allows potential clients to decide they like you, before ever interacting with your business. Whether it’s a photo of you in hard hat and jeans on a job site, in your legal office in a suit, or sitting in your store amongst your wares, letting clients see YOU is essential to them deciding they like you. And want to buy from you.

People like to feel like they know the Owner, and are getting VIP treatment, even if they are getting the same treatment everyone else is.  How often do you say “I know a guy!” and offer a referral because you know, and like a guy, who can provide the service someone needs? People love to brag that they know the owner of a business; make it easy for them to feel that way!

Ok so let’s recap: Your business needs a face, and that should be either yours or your teams’. This will allow clients to establish trust and familiarity with your company, and want to give you more of their business, and earn your more referrals.


Now the tricky part… what kind of photo are you supposed to use? Many of my clients are concerned that they are not photogenic enough, that they wouldn’t know what to wear, and who knows when you’ll have time to get everyone to the photographer’s studio. Simply, this is where hiring a professional comes in.

  • It’s not your job to be photogenic; it’s the photographer’s job to use their skill with posing, lighting, and their equipment to take the most flattering portrait of you.
  • Wardrobe suggestions will vary based on your industry and target client, but your photographer should be able to give you guidance. We even offer hair and makeup services for those clients that want it.
  • At this time of year, having a photographer come to your place of business, and be able to photograph your team is paramount to getting this done quickly and easily for you.

December is the perfect time of year to book a quick session for a business portrait. With a pre consultation, and fast turn around time, your website, marketing, and social media can be updated in time for the New Year.

If you need a referral for a great portrait photographer, I kristin know a girl….

Kristin Hardwick
603-718-0094 info@kristinhardwick.com

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