Below is a statement from the Nashua Police Department on a present Scamming Trend in the business world. We at the Greater Nashua Chamber of Commerce would like to ensure that you and your organization are safe from malicious attacks such as these. If you or someone you know has been a victim of a BEC or Phishing scams, we encourage you to read both the post below and this Document and do not hesitate to reach out for more assistance. We encourage all of our members to be wary of such attacks.

      During the past several months the Nashua Police Department has received several complaints of fraud commonly known as “phishing”. Phishing is an online attempt to pose as a legitimate business, most commonly in an email, with the purpose to get an online account holder to disclose personal financial information or provide payment for a service. Phishing attempts typically arrive in an unsolicited email or instant messages, which appear virtually identical to a legitimate communications from a company. Phishing attempts will commonly ask you to provide or “confirm” a user name, password, account number or some other personal information by clicking on a link in an email. Clicking on these email links could then download malicious software to your computer making it vulnerable to future theft of personal information, or the link will redirect you to a website that appears to be legitimate to “confirm” personal financial information, where it is actually being stolen.

nashuaAnother form of phishing is “spear phishing,” which is a targeted phishing attempt commonly directed toward a business or organization. Spear phishing is also most commonly done using email, but instead of being unsolicited it is sent to a specific person, often a secretary or executive assistant, appearing to come from a person of authority. These emails often request the recipient send money or financial information on behalf of the company. The scams are often successful because these communications appear to come from a trusted person in a recognized format. Businesses should ensure all employees are aware of these types of scams and have layered safeguards in place to ensure money or financial information is not sent to unintended recipients.

Please be vigilant when providing financial information online to protect yourself and your finances and deter fraud. If you are unsure about any communications from financial institutions, credit companies or any business, call or go in person to the company to make sure it is legitimate.

If you are a victim of a fraud contact the Nashua Police Department, or if you identify any attempted online scams or online fraud related activity report it to the Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) at


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