September 25, 2013 – Nashua Dares to Begin

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Contact: Iris Cullinan

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September 25, 2013


Nashua Dares to Begin

Nashua, NH – The City of Nashua of Nashua and the Greater Nashua Chamber of Commerce are proud to rollout a new brand for the city.  Nashua, Dare to Begin – a symbolic logo with a tagline that salutes who came before us and took big chances, and that challenges us in the present-day to do the same.

The branding initiative is a unique, collaborative effort between the Greater Nashua Chamber of Commerce and the City of Nashua.  After an official launch of the new brand on September 25, the new logo and tagline will be integrated into the community over the next twelve months.

The project began more than a year and a half ago when North Star Agency from Tennessee, a marketing agency that specializes in municipal branding, was hired to conduct and in-depth analysis of Nashua’s current brand and its competitive attributes relative to our peer cities in northern New England.  Hundreds of Nashua’s residents and community leaders were engaged in this phase, as were practitioners from across New England.

MESH Interactive Agency, a locally based marketing agency collaborated with North Star to create a new brand platform, a new tagline and eventually a new logo for both the City and the Chamber.  It was MESH Agency’s work and creative talent that provided the actual logo and tagline for the new brand.

Chris Williams, President and CEO of the Greater Nashua Chamber of Commerce is excited to rollout the new brand. “For the last 270 years that Nashua has been around, all of us have been saying different things about Nashua, not necessarily the wrong things just not the same things. It will be more effective if we’re all actually out there on the same page, singing from the same sheet of music, when it comes to advocating for Nashua as a place to do business.  That’s the whole point of this initiative in the first place: to get all of us on the same page.”

The planning process involved putting together an advisory board of local business leaders to ensure the branding initiative would resonate with businesses and the community. Along with Williams and Tom Galligani, Director of Economic Development for the city, advisory board members include: Claire Castanino, Bellwether Community Credit Union; Karen Cooper, Rivier University; David Heath, Melanson, Heath & Co., PC; Stacy Hynes, Nashua School District; Lucille Jordan, Nashua Community College; Linda LaFleur, Mesh Agency; Elizabeth LaRocca, Nashua Arts Commission; Brian Law, Law Warehouses; Chuck MacEachern, Fidelity Investments; Doreen Manette, People’s United Bank; Joseph Murray, Fidelity Investments; Kim Reagan, RJ Finlay; Ellen Scarpoini, Fairpoint Communications; Jonathan Shirley, Devin Millimet; Tom Smith, John Flatley Company; and Mike Tabacsko, City of Nashua Alderman.

According to Galligani, the phrase ‘Dare to Begin’ has captured the best moments of Nashua’s evolution and history. “It’s a challenge to ourselves and a reminder that we must always be willing to take risks when necessary. Dare to begin. It’s a challenge to those who were already living here telling us to start a new venture, whatever it might, be,” Galligani said, “It’s an invitation to businesses from outside New Hampshire seeking a new place to relocate and expand. It’s an invitation to people considering a new job or life in Nashua for themselves or for their family. It’s a call to our city collectively reminding us that our predecessors dared big things and succeeded. We owe it to them to do the same. “

Fidelity Investments is one of the local companies that supports the branding initiative. Joseph Murray, Senior Director of Public Affairs at Fidelity Investments said, “As a large employer and a proud member of the Greater Nashua Chamber of Commerce, the ‘Dare to Begin’ initiative sends a terrific message to existing businesses in the region as well as those looking to begin operations here.”

Karen Cooper, Vice President for Advancement at Rivier University, is also supportive and excited about the campaign.  “Daring to begin doesn’t just describe our story at Rivier.  It is the story of so many businesses entrepreneurs, students and family, who chose Nashua to begin their journey and found a home here.  At Rivier University we are proud to be represented by the brand which we feel embodies the values of innovation, development, and achievement.”

The logo is a both a physical and a literal representation of a morning sunrise over Nashua.  The orange represents a morning sun rising over the city – the two shades of blue geographically represent the two rivers upon which Nashua was founded – the green represents the natural beauty (the hills and trees) and environmental sensitivity enjoyed in Nashua and in New Hampshire.

A sunrise figuratively represents an opportunity for new beginning; with each new morning comes a new opportunity, an opportunity to begin in a new chapter or a new venture – an opportunity to start over – an opportunity to personally or professionally grow and expand.

The two rivers are intertwined, forming an infinity sign; this symbolizes the fact that you don’t just begin in Nashua and then go elsewhere; there is always a new chapter to begin.