The Advocate

The Chamber updates its members on its state advocacy efforts through an e-publication known as The Advocate.  Chamber members receive this weekly communication every Friday, during the course of the state’s legislative session in the months of January through June.

Our Chamber is very proud of its efforts to represent you and all of our members in Concord. Our work would not be possible without the strong support of our friends at Devine, Millimet & Branch, whose lobbying team serves as our “boots on the ground” in Concord on a daily basis. We thank them for their unyielding support of our advocacy efforts, particularly through the sponsorship of this newsletter.

This weekly newsletter is intended to give you an overview of what has happened at the State House over the past week. Read this every Friday to learn about our Chamber’s lobbying efforts relating to those activities, and to preview what we are doing on behalf of our Chamber members.

This weekly digest is a highly effective and efficient way to keep tabs on what happened in Concord the previous week and to forecast what will happen during the coming week.  The Advocate focuses on business-related issues, providing our members an easy-to-understand primer on the background of those issues, the intent of those legislators engaged in those issues, and the Chamber’s position and actions on those issues.

The Advocate is the easiest way to keep yourself educated on a weekly basis about what is happening in Concord and how it impacts your ability to succeed in the workplace, regardless of your industry.  And, it’s only a 10-minute read!

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