Political Affiliation

Isn’t the Chamber a political organization?
The short answer is no, we are not.

  • We are not affiliated with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, (although other Chambers may be).
  • We do not endorse any individual candidates or political parties.

But I thought Chambers were Republican?
Nope. We are completely non-partisan. Our only vote goes towards the betterment of our region’s business community and our members.

We do…

  • Employ lobbyists year round to represent our members’ best interests.
  • Save our members hundreds of thousands of tax dollars.

We do NOT…

Endorse any political party.

Is the Chamber part of the City Government?
No, the Greater Nashua Chamber of Chamber is independent of government funding. It is and always will be a non-political, volunteer business organization.

Does the Chamber endorse political candidates?
The Greater Nashua Chamber of Chamber does not specifically endorse individual candidates, elected officials, or political parties.

The Greater Nashua Chamber of Chamber does take policy positions on issues of importance to the membership and the business community. The common support of a policy position should not be construed as an endorsement of any candidate or office holder.

Is membership tax deductible?
On average 80% of the membership dues are deductible as an ordinary business expense. The Greater Nashua Chamber of Chamber is a registered 501C(6) organization meaning a portion of every member’s dues is dedicated to lobbying and business advocacy. Our political advocacy, while not tax deductible, has your business’ finances and overall health behind every action. For the exact percentage that may be deducted in any tax year, please contact our office.


Who can be a member?
Membership is available to any business, organization or government entity that wishes to support the Chamber’s mission and take advantage of the services provided by the organization.

Who in an organization is a member?
All employees of a Chamber member organization can use all of the resources we offer.

How many businesses belong to the Chamber?
On average we have 600 members, although that number is constantly growing along with Greater Nashua.

General Information

What is your cancellation policy on events?
Reservations must be cancelled at least 48 hours prior to the event for a full refund.

Can the Chamber provide a Certificate of Origin?
Yes. Certificates of Origin may be obtained for free by members and for a fee by non-members.

Does the Chamber offer a group health insurance plan for its membership?
No, state law forbids organizations, such as Chambers of Commerce, from pooling members into group plans.

Does the Chamber keep record of complaints about businesses in the Greater Nashua area?
No, the Chamber does not keep record of the business complaints or reviews. For information on those topics please contact the Better Business Bureau at (603) 224-1991 concord.bbb.org

I have both part-time and full-time employees, how do I count them for dues?
Please see the information in the “Join the Chamber” section of our website.

The number of employees fluctuates throughout the year; do I have to adjust during the year?
No, your dues are for the full year and any changes in employment levels are to be made at renewal. Your renewal dues should reflect the number of employees at that time your organization joins the chamber.

I have some questions about membership and may want to join over the phone, who do I contact?

I can’t find the answer to a question on the website, who do I contact?