Benefits of Membership

Membership in the Greater Nashua Chamber of Commerce is more than just a list of tangible benefits. We build a fabric through the community by Connecting, Educating, and Advocating for our Members.


The Greater Nashua Chamber of Commerce is known for its unparalleled advocacy for its members and the Greater Nashua business community. You will often find us speaking up at the State House in Concord or at Nashua’s City Hall on any number of issues pertinent to our membership. As a member of our Chamber, we will help to advocate for your business and ensure a business-friendly regulatory and civic environment here in Greater Nashua.


Besides our most valuable service – direct referrals and introductions – Chamber affiliation also provides you superb networking opportunities by connecting you to valuable clients and partnerships through our events, committees, and referral services. We aim to connect across all cohorts and industries. We also recognize that breaking through the clutter and getting you and your business connected is the only way to succeed in today’s world. We make it our mission to amplify your success and connections by providing the best marketing and networking avenues around.


From publications that both inform and promote, to events that keep our members up-to-date on topics of consequence to the Greater Nashua business community, the Greater Nashua Chamber of Commerce ensures that our members are educated on all that they need to know to succeed.

Tangible Resources

Subscriptions to publications to keep you educated and up-to-date

Weekly E-blast
“The Advocate” Weekly Legislative Email Updates during Legislative sessions<
• Quarterly print Spotlight Newsletter featuring current topics and important business issues
• The annual  N Magazine, a relocation and visitors’ guide to greater Nashua.

What you need, when you need it

• Certificate of Origin (unlimited)
• Notary Services (unlimited)
• Free conference room rental
• Relocation packets and resources for new employees

Professional Development Opportunities

Leadership Greater Nashua, an exclusive leadership development program
• Access to educational programming on business or political issues and current events

We’re on Your Side

Chamber staff is always available as a resource for navigating legislative issues, assisting with marketing strategies, planning events, and for business development. The Chamber staff is a collection of educated professionals that serves as an exclusive resource to our members.