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Past Leadership Greater Nashua Project Summaries

The Class of 2013
Nashua: Dare to Begin

This Leadership Greater Nashua class chose a very ambitious project – assisting the City and Chamber of Commerce with a first-of-its-kind, major branding initiative. This campaign has been adopted by the entire city and community to use when attracting future companies, workers, and residents to the City of Nashua.  The Chamber and City had launched this initiative just as the Class of 2013 was being selected, and had planned to unveil it to the community in the summer of 2013.  However, both the Chamber and City recognized that they would need significant resources in terms of creative-thinking and manpower to help fully and successfully launch this new brand.

A brand is only as successful as its stakeholders allow it to be, and the Class of 2013 recognized this need along with the City and Chamber to help ensure that this new brand would be properly introduced and interwoven into the community.  The Class of 2013 spent their 9-month program introducing and integrating this new brand into all segments of Nashua’s community.  Without their efforts, this brand would have little chance of success.

Class of 2012
Legacy Playground

The Class of 2012 identified a need to help make Nashua the first city in the entire state of NH to have an all-accessible playground.  All-accessible playgrounds are defined as those that provide access not only to children with physical disabilities or mental challenges, but also to parents with disabilities who may wish to play with their children at playgrounds.

Like any large city in the country, Nashua enjoys a robust population comprised of people from all walks of life and occupations – including wounded veterans, parents of children with challenges, and parents who may have a disability but still wish to play with their children.

The Class of 2012 set for itself an ambitious goal of raising the $250,000 needed to purchase and install all-accessible playground equipment, and also to help the City locate and engineer the most ideal site for this new playground.  Plans are in place for this new playground to open in the near future.

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