In Observance of Earth Day “Insure” your Data is Destroyed Securely & Sustainably


HPM 2014.04.21HPM 2014.04.21

Does your business have a closet full of old towers, laptops, cell phones or other sensitive IT equipment you no longer use but don’t feel safe simply tossing away?  If so, HPM Insurance and MetalWave can help.


HPM 2014.04.21



HPM Insurance is partnering with MetalWave to help “insure” sensitive electronic data and aged IT assets are securely destroyed and responsibly recycled.


Earth Day, April 22, 2014 from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm


HPM Insurance        633 Elm Street          Milford, NH 03055


MetalWave, a trusted resource for recycling aged IT assets, will collect items like desktops, laptops, cell phones or other outdated IT equipment and provide donor with a receipt on site.  Approximately three weeks later, donors will receive a second receipt confirming the recycled items serial number and confirmation of data wipe.  Per MetalWave, this process ensures 100% erasure of data files and is compliant with HIPPA laws.


Free – This event is being brought to business owners courtesy of HPM Insurance and MetalWave. *However there is a slight charge for CRTs and printers

What you have to do to attend:

RSVP with HPM Insurance by emailing prior to April 22nd.

Fine Print:

MetalWave cannot accept anything containing liquid or hazardous material, including x-ray machines.

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