LGN Class- Meets with Public Safety Departments Thursday

LGN Class-,November 10th, 2016

LGN Classmates,

This past Thursday we really made our most progress by picking our class project. This project looks to not only be a huge opportunity to work with students, but a sustainable project we can pass on to future classes. We have continued to warm up to each other, and it will be exciting to see as each month goes on how our connections grow with each other.

There were a lot of fun and informative things we did on Thursday so let’s highlight!

  • Brendan Keegan’s Notes- He really has a great story, and his message about having a plan and how to follow through really sends waves. He has continued to drill in our heads Leaders vs Managers, and how there are many people who cannot be both, or how you can be both and not a coach/mentor. Brendan pushes to surround yourself with the right people, and make decisions that might be hard in the moment but that are prudent to your success in the workforce which also can translate to overall quality of life. Always think about the bigger picture.
  • Nashua Police Department-Thank You Todd and The Nashua Police Department for taking time out of their busy day to give us a tour of the department. Seeing the Gun Range and all the squads was not something we get to do every day! However, the K-9 Unit stole the show!
  • Mayor Opiate Task Force– I think we all can agree this is a much needed group not only in Nashua but all of New Hampshire as well. Bobbie and Aly were very detailed, and you can feel the passion they had for this issue. It continues to be a real problem and It’s because of them I believe we will see progress in our city streets in upcoming years.
  • Lake St Nashua Fire and Rescue– Very fun seeing our friends with The Nashua Fire Team, and we thank them as well for taking time out of their busy day. How cool was it crushing a soda can with the Jaws of Life? Seeing how professional and knowledgeable the staff is on so many different areas should make us feel good that when there is an emergency we have the best ones out there to succeed.
  • Emergency Management Team- This was a great topic to discuss as I am sure there were some of us who didn’t know about The Nashua Emergency Management Team. Who went home and made an emergency Kit(Tracy)?This was very informative, and good to know Nashua has taken measures to ensure safety during a disaster.

After 2 classes we have a project! December should be exciting to see how we begin our push to give back to Nashua and create a project that hopefully sparks conversation in the local area. With every one’s resources I don’t see anything stopping us. Until December 8th friends!