LGN class happenings on 12/8/2016

Today’s class was a full one…we had an early 7:30AM start to discuss the particulars of the class project with potential partners with the two Nashua High Schools.  Jerry Molan, Justin Munroe, Claudia Costano and Liz Fitzgerald all had some great ideas, input and were a wealth of information to help us make decisions on how our class project will work alongside the two Nashua High Schools in the coming months.  Things are taking shape and we all have some “homework” to work on in the coming weeks; we need a commitment from our businesses to allow the job shadow, get the time frame in hours allowed for these days if approved, and background information pertaining to the job skills/education required to perform the specific jobs at each of our employers.  Mellissa and Becky have graciously assumed responsibility of putting together a template for the businesses that have agreed to sign on to participate in our class project.

  • Leadership training supplied by Velocity Hub was great!  Amanda Rogers and James Kelley really helped shape our networking persona/brand to get better at power networking.  There are two types of networking;  “new school” networking using the many social media platforms out there in LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter as well as “old school “ networking in the more traditional networking experiences in conferences, networking events and community events.   We watched a video on how social media has changed the way in which we live.  It was a little bit tough and frightening to me to learn that since the age of social media has exploded, on average a gold fish has a greater attention span at than humans do nowadays.  Social media has changed the way we communicate both in our personal lives and how we conduct business.  

Government Day at LGN Class today:

  • Steve Norton, Executive Director for the NH Center for Public Policy Studies was in to discuss instances on how legislation is started; the pathways to getting legislation approved and how it is implemented.  Anyone can make a recommendation for a bill;  approximately 1000 bills entered each year for consideration and less than 200 actually are approved.  In my mind, how daunting the task must be for the sub-committees to go thru each bill introduced and how they evaluate the merits of every one of these new bills.  What are the chances of the bill becoming law with the New Hampshire being the 3rd largest deliberative body behind England’s parliament, the US Senate and then we have New Hampshire with its 400 State Representatives and 24 Senators.  Steve talked about the Executive Council examining and approving anything over $5000.00 in costs to the State of New Hampshire, which is an extra step her before a new bill is implemented.  We also had a brisk discussion on are new policies made to reflect law or does policy effect what new laws are actually implemented.  
  • After lunch we travelled to City Hall to meet Mayor Jim Donchess and Brian McCarthy to discuss City Government.  They answered questions on how City Government works and also entertained questions on other issues and the state of the school system in Nashua.  Both mentioned that there are as many as 45 committees within the City of Nashua that would love to have your participation and input to help move Nashua forward.  Mayor Jim Donchess also discussed the recent proclamation to make Nashua a “Welcoming City” based on the diverse population in the city and how this will impact the city going forward.
  • Senator Bette Lasky and former Senator Peg Gilmour sat on a panel to tell us about how things work in the State House.   They were inspirational in their discussions about how each of us can get involved in making a difference in NH politics; give sworn testimony to make a change in the fields that you know best and talk to your State Senator and State Representatives about how making a change can make a positive impact in the lives of the citizen of New Hampshire.  Our State Representatives and State Senators can’t help affect change on issues if they are don’t have the information to help make these changes.  
  • Robert Dunn, Director of Legislative & Government Affairs of Devine, Millimet and Branch was in to discuss just what a lobbyist does and how they go about their job.  He also discussed the commitment and dedication of the NH State Representatives since they are only paid $100.00 for the year.  In many other states the State Representative’s job is a full time job with a much higher salary.  In our state, it is a commitment of the elected State Representative to do the work of their respective citizens of their communities to assure that their voices are heard.

The Power Networking and Government Day made you rethink how you will live and do business going forward. Also a good lesson on what we all should do to have our voices heard when it comes to making changes for the better in our lives here in New Hampshire.