Brian McCarthy

It is with great sadness that we must say goodbye to a friend and prominent figure in the Nashua community, Brian McCarthy. As a member of the Board of Alderman for nearly 25+ years and as its President since 2016, Brian was passionate about his community and poured his heart and soul into the betterment of Nashua. He believed in his city and continually worked to build a thriving and prosperous business climate. With his leadership across multiple school focused projects, as Chair of the Performing Arts Center Steering Committee, and as the President of the Board of Alderman, his community first attitude will leave a legacy for Nashua for years to come, and will be greatly missed by his peers and constituents. His thoughtfulness and commitment to Nashua were prominent in everything Brian did. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Brian’s wife, Gloria, and his children, John and Kimberly, as well as his extended family.



Brian McCarthy has been a Nashua resident since 1980. He has been an Alderman at Large for two terms since 2004, serving twice as the Boards President. Prior to his two terms as an At-Large Alderman, he served for five terms as the Ward 5 Alderman from 1994-2004. His interest in serving in city politics came from his time on the ZBA.

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