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Fouad (Fou) Mahfuz

Vice President

Persian Rug Galleries

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Hometown: Nashua, NH

Favorite book: Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas by Hunter S. Thompson

Favorite movie: The Big Lebowski/red/The Clash (I studied film production in college and am a avid movie buff)

What was your first big success? I won a leadership/citizenship award in 9th grade which was the most prestigious, non academic related honor at the school.

What you love about Nashua? I love working in a small downtown full of passionate and motivated business people and citizens.

What does success mean to you? Success means being content and happy everyday.


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Immediate Past Chairman of the Board

Eaton & Berube

Beth Needham

Operations Manager

Eaton & Berube Insurance Agency

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Hometown: live in Londonderry  / grew up in Weymouth MA

Fun fact: I grew up in a very large family / youngest of 7 kids and I have 37 first cousins

What was your first big success? Graduating college with minimal loans and paying for it myself

What you love about Nashua? Pride and dedication the residents and business community takes in Nashua. Good size city still with neighborhood feel

What does success mean to you? Successfully balancing work demands with being a wife and mom




Executive Vice President of Harvey Construction Corporation

Rob Prunier

Executive Vice President

Harvey Construction Corporation

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Hometown: Born in Nashua, live in Hollis

Favorite colors: green and gold (really purple)

Favorite bands: Creed/Grateful Dead

Fun facts: In 1989, I traveled cross country in a 1974 Volkswagen Westphalia.

What was your first big success? Convincing Bethany to marry me (and move to Nashua).

What you love about Nashua? I love the network of people that live and work in our community.

What does success mean to you? Success to me means being there for and with my family when they need me; loving what I do every day; and leaving the world a little bit better than it was yesterday.


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Sr. Vice President / Commercial Loan Officer; Merrimack County Savings Bank

Lori Piper

Sr. Vice President/Sr. Commercial Loan Officer

Enterprise Bank

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Hometown: New Boston, NH

Favorite book: Boys in the Boat is currently at the top of my list of great reads.

What was your first big success? Marrying my wonderful husband, Bud, and finally breaking 100 in golf; and from a business perspective I’m especially proud of the work I’ve done with nonprofits in the Nashua community.

What you love about Nashua?  I love the new ‘vibe’ of the younger, professional generation that is actively engaged in the community.

What does success mean to you? Maintaining a strong work and home life balance.



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Ambassador Committee Chair


Betsy Levesque

Berkshire Hathaway Verani Realty

Membership Committee Co-Chair

The Tamposi Law Group

Peter Tamposi

The Tamposi Law Group

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Hometown: Nashua, NH

Favorite band: Live music of any variety!  Play it loud, dance like nobody’s watching.

What was your first big success? Convincing an insurance company to cover experimental treatment for my best friend who was fighting a fatal brain tumor.

What you love about Nashua? What’s not to love?  Great place to raise a family, close to all things beautiful.

What does success mean to you? Being able to have dinner with my family every night.


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Membership Committee Co-Chair


Kim Reagan

Director of Leasing and Marketing

R.J. Finlay & Co.

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Hometown:  Hooksett, New Hampshire for the last 24 years, but I grew up in Alabama

Favorite Movie: The Breakfast Club

Fun fact: I was born in Spain

What was your first big success? Being elected President of my sophomore class in high school.

What you love about Nashua?    The close knit feeling of the business community and how the business community is not just about business, but also personal relationships and bonds that are formed and last for years to come.

What does success mean to you? Being happy with who you are both personally and professionally.


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iUGO Steering Committee Chairman


Mike Aquino

Financial Advisor & Independent Insurance Broker

Weisman, Tessier, Lambert & Halloran

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Hometown: Born at Fort Knox, KY, Military Brat, landed in Nashua at age 9

Favorite color: Blue

What was your first big success? Receiving the Volunteer of the Year Eminence Award

What you love about Nashua? The leaders who value the city and work hard to improve it on a daily basis

What does success mean to you? Happiness

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LGN Alumni Association Steering Committee Chairman


Jean Perry

Director of Development

The Front Door Agency

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Hometown: Born in Nashua and live in Hollis NH

Favorite book/movie/color/band/fun fact: Lived in Southern California for 10 years and came back because NH it is a great place to live.  Have a soft spot for 70’s classic hits. My favorite color without a doubt is light blue/green.

What was your first big success? Getting into a good college that started me on a path to other successes.

What you love about Nashua? The people that live here and its a great place to raise kids.

What does success mean to you? Leading a life that makes you happy while accomplishing goals.


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Thomas Bishop

Director of Legislative Affairs


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Barbara A. Alves


Marguerite’s Place, Inc & MP Housing, Inc

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Hometown:  New Bedford, Mass.

Favorite Color: Green

What was your first big success?: Being honored by the Sisters of Charity as recipient of the St. Marguerite d’Youville Humanitarian Award.

What do you love about Nashua?:  Nashua has a thriving non-profit community that encourages and supports those in greatest need. The difference it makes in their lives can be seen through their many success stories.

What does success mean to you?:  At the end of the day, knowing that I’ve helped someone. My life experiences have taught me so much about people: trusting and having faith that people want to be good and do good.


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Elizabeth LaRocca

Community Relations Specialist

Eversource Energy

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Hometown: Newmarket, NH

Favorite book/movie/color/band/fun fact: Killer Angels/Pride & Prejudice/green/Beatles/love Art Deco architecture, jewelry, etc.

What was your first big success? Landing my first job as a UNH Senior with PSNH

What you love about Nashua? The City’s downtown, millyard and history as an early US industrial city

What does success mean to you? Happiness, fulfillment and service to others.

Krishna Mangipudi

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Hometown: Nashua, NH

Favorite book/movie/color/band/fun fact:  Catch-22 / A Few Good Men / Blue / The Who (Most Classic Rock bands) / Sang “Born To Be Wild” on stage J

What was your first big success?:
Business wise:  WebManage Technologies. Involved from early inception to a successful acquisition.

What you love about Nashua?:
Small town feeling, with great access to big metro to South (Boston), Beach to the East (Hampton / Rye), Mountains to the North, Eclectic Art communities to the West (Wilton and Keene)

What does success mean to you?:
The exhilaration that comes from setting stretch goals and attaining them!


Stephanie Wolf-Rosenblum

Vice President for Medical Affairs

Southern New Hampshire Health Systems

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Hometown: Nashua NH

Favorite book/movie/color/band/fun fact: Favorite movie is Apollo 13 and my favorite all-time television series is the original Star Trek.

What was your first big success? Getting a degree in Biochemistry from Brown University.

What you love about Nashua? That so many people take time out of their busy schedules and obligations to work together to make this a great place to live and work.

What does success mean to you? Making a difference in someone’s life every day.


Mike Apfelberg


United Way Greater Nashua

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Hometown: San Luis Obispo, California

Favorite book: Dostoyevsky, The Idiot (in German)

What was your first big success? Publishing “Quality Assurance in the Graphic Arts” with my father.

What you love about Nashua? It used to be the trees downtown… just kidding! I love the small town (a little bit hokie) feel and closeness of the community.

What does success mean to you? Doing the right things for my customers, and being appreciated for it.


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Amir Toosi, D.B.A.

Dean, Division of Business

Rivier University

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Hometown: Born in Tehran, raised in the Midwest, & live in Nashua

Favorite Band: Linkin Park and Coldplay

What was your first big success?: Serving on the Dean’s Advisory Council during my undergraduate studies

What you love about Nashua?: Having the access to do many different things outdoors and indoors with my family, colleagues, and friends throughout the year.

What does success mean to you?: Waking up every morning and knowing that you are looking forward to a great day with your family, the community, and your workplace.


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Manny Ramirez

Creative Director of Positive Street Art

Lead Artist at Gate City Arts & Graphics

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Dominican Republic

Favorite book/movie/color/band/fun fact:
I’m not an avid reader of books but more of a researcher via articles and the interwebs. I am, however, a huge fan of The 48 Laws of Power by Robert Green. I read about half the book, then listened to the other half on audiobook (way too damn long!). I love watching movies but don’t have a favorite one, nor a favorite color. I’m a huge Fan of Kanye West and JayZ. Fun fact: ask me details about specific movies I like… I won’t be able to remember a thing. For some reason I have made a bad habit of forgetting details about a movie after I am done watching it, even if I loved it. Makes it so that If I watch it again with a friend it’s like experiencing the movie all over again. Don’t know when I started doing that, but it’s definitely fun.

What was your first big success?
My first Mural painting in collaboration with other awesome artists, and then reading about it in the Telegraph. That was a pretty proud moment for me and everyone involved in the project.

What you love about Nashua?
It’s Diversity, the subtle beauty and the comradery amongst its residents.

What does success mean to you?
Being happy, enjoying life with family and friends, learning daily, accomplishing goals as a form of play in the game of life.


Sarah Marchant

Community Development Division Director,

City of Nashua

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Hometown: Brookline, NH

Favorite Book: The Tea Rose, Jennifer Donnelly and Pillars of Earth by Ken Follette

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CEO, 501hub Inc. & President, United Way of Greater Nashua

Paul Hebert


Squaretail/ 501hub Inc.

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Hometown: Nashua, NH

Favorite quote: “There has never been a statue erected to honor a critic” – Zig Ziglar

What was your first big success? I had an opportunity to guide the ten-fold expansion of a small healthcare company in Nashua in the mid 1990’s. That company still employs several hundred people in the region and plays a significant role in bringing high-quality care to the people in our community.

What you love about Nashua? The quality of life here is superb. We have the benefits of a city and the feel of a small town. We enjoy a spirit of cooperation among community leaders and a willingness to be innovative. I like the fact that a person can make a difference here if they are willing to get involved, it doesn’t matter if their family has been here for generations or if they moved here last week.

What does success mean to you?  Success is found in being of service to others. It is something best pursued, not dwelt upon.  It is measured in the breadth of the smile on my son’s face; in the energy level of the people I volunteer with; and in the operating results of companies I work with. Opportunities for success are everywhere around us, one simply needs the courage to recognize them.


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Jeff Reilly

Branch Service Manager

Fidelity Investments –Nashua Investor Center

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Hometown:  Lived in Nashua as a kid and again as an adult- now I live in Meredith NH

Favorite book/band/fun fact: Truman by David McCullough/Band- All music-music of my parent’s generation, my generation and yes- I listen and enjoy the music that my 2 college-aged daughters introduce me to.

What was your first big success?: Working full-time through college and then moving into my first job out of school  with Marriott Hotels.

What you love about Nashua?:  It is a medium-sized City that still has a “small town feel”, convenient to both the coast and the mountains, and it has a diverse community of people that take pride in their surroundings.

What does success mean to you?:  Engaged in great and fun things with family and friends.  Keeping momentum in a forward direction both personally and professionally.


S Beaubien

Sue Beaubien

Vice President of Retail Services

Bellwether Community Credit Union

Mark Rubinstein


Granite State College


Doreen Manetta

Regional Manager, SVP

Enterprise Bank

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Hometown: Grew up in Somerville, MA and moved to Nashua, NH in 1985 where I now call home.

Favorite band: I enjoy all types of music from Country, Blues, Jazz to Rock and Roll.

What was your first big success? My two daughters, Lauren and Heather.

What you love about Nashua? Nashua has all that you could ask for; great restaurants, art and bike trails.

What does success mean to you? Success is being happy with what you have.  By this I mean having my family, loving my job, helping others in the community and being able to give back to others.


Photo © Studio Mark Emile